New server management interface

By editid on

The server management for captcha bot has now become much easier, and this is a great feature for simplicity, and allows the bot to be much easier to configure.

How it used to be

Before this update, you used to have to run the /configure command in your server and then click on a link, this solution was simple, and extremely effective, and will be kept in the bot until it causes issues. The downside to this is that If you just quickly want to manage the bot, you'd need to open discord, run the command, open a browser, and then manage the bot, this process has now been simplified.


All you have to do to manage your servers is click the "manage servers" button on the navbar that should be located right above this post. This will then load a page listing all servers you are in, with servers you own or manage having an invite/manage button, if the bot is not in the server you selected, it will redirect to an invite page, otherwise it will redirect to a loading page while the bot checks your permissions, and if you are allowed to manage the server, after this process (taking 2 seconds on average), you will be redirected.

This update is a major upgrade over the old system, but the old system will also be kept in place to not cause confusion as the management system was already changed recently. Thank you for using Captcha Bot, and I hope your server members enjoy verifying with us.

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