How to fix no roles visible error

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If you are experiencing an error in the dashboard that states "If you see no roles below, please contact support or make sure that the bot is able to assign roles.", then follow the instructions below.

Below you can see the error message:

Error message

How to make sure that the bot is able to assign roles

Make sure that the bot was invited with permission to manage roles. Make sure the following box was ticked when you invited the bot:

manage roles permission

If this permission was not checked or you do not remember, you can click the link below to give the permission to the bot: invite with correct permissions this link will work even if you have already invited the bot.

Make sure your server has valid roles

This might seem obvious, but make sure you have roles other than the default (@everyone), for example if your server roles look like this then you will face the error described:

no roles

Make sure the captcha bot role is above desired role(s):

wrong position

If your server roles look like this, then captcha bot won't be able to assign any of the roles above it due to how discord works, to fix this use the little dots that look like ⣿ (draggable item icon) and drag captcha bot's role above the desired role, for example:

fixed role pos

This article should have fixed your problems, if you have encountered another issue please contact me (bot developer) in the support server, or using the feedback form. If you have encountered an alternative solution to any of the problems mentioned in this post, please also contact me, using the methods mentioned. If this article hasn't fixed your problem, please contact the bot developer in the support server, and I will help you fix any role errors. If this article was helpful, please feel free to vote for captcha bot on here.

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